agri climate change- by Drew Spoelstra, Executive Member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Ontario’s farmers are leaders in innovation and adaptation. This is evidenced not only in the way we embrace technology, but also the farm practices we use to ensure that we...

rural- by Mark Reusser, Vice President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Pushing for sound public investments in rural Ontario is a priority for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA). We know that investments in our rural communities will jump-start,,,

brucepower- by James Scongack, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Operational Services, Bruce Power

2020 can be the year that Canada takes major leaps forward to ensure the world has a reliable supply of isotopes for the next decade and beyond that...

stmarysrectory- John Tamming, Owen Sound City Councillor

These were Councillor Tamming's comments at the last council meeting, during the discussion about demolition of the St. Mary's rectory:

I am a huge fan of local preservation. I bought my law office some years ago, the place where the Wilkinson family lived. . .




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