Golden Goals List Facebook PostBy Joachim Ostertag
May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month but do we need to talk about sexual violence during these hard times of uncertainty, fear, isolation and personal stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Sexual violence - just like all forms of violence against women and children - is most often perpetrated in isolation and under a cloak of secrecy. This lock down puts women and children at even greater risk particularly when there is already a collective discomfort in addressing sexual violence. The current conditions of isolation, marginalization and fewer social supports directly impact sexual violence. This is where....

fist- By Jon Farmer

These are stressful times. As we move through the second month of physical distancing, continue to adapt to changes in our personal and professional lives, and process difficult news from local and international events it is not surprising that many people are struggling. COVID19 is a new and immediate danger but our necessary responses are also amplifying the underlying threats. . .

farm- by Drew Spoelstra, Executive Member, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

As spring rolls on and the pressures of COVID-19 unfold, Ontario farmers are bracing for the full impact of this pandemic. Many sectors within the agri-food value chain are already...

brunswickstew- by Melissa Kanmacher

I have been thinking a lot about what common sense means after listening to the conversation with Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Ian Arra and James Scongak, Bruce Power Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Operational Services a Q & A on Facebook live on April 2nd.

The trouble with common sense is that it assumes. . .




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