kimpattyanne- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

This is one of my favourite pictures. Three long-time friends from Brownies. All our children. It's from 1992.

All those children are adults now; the parents are all collecting old age pensions. We live all over North America and have done many different things. When they tell me their stories, I believe that this is their reality. . .

BlackHistoryCairnAnnMarieDear Editor,
We read the June 3, 2020 article "Owen Sound mayor, police chief take a knee in response to death of George Floyd," with misgiving. As two people who grew up in Owen Sound, and one of whom has now returned to this community, we recognize that it is disingenuous - and dangerous - to suggest that the action needed in our community is to take a knee for a photo op. As a white person and a white-presenting person, we want to call in. . .

greathornedowl- by Bill Moses

My take on the proposed park land sale by Owen Sound.

We all have a responsibility to advocate for habitat preservation, and there is a chance to do so in regard to the proposed sale of parkland in Owen Sound. City council appear to be basing their decision on. . .

Ball reunion1aa1 - by Brad Hood

It has been over two weeks since George Floyd died and I continue to try to personally deal with the situation. I have avoided some of the flamboyant and over the top commenting on social media and have been concentrating on the advice of people in the know, people directly affected . . .


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