social media- by Shea Angus

One of the most critical tools needed to encourage freedom and democracy across the world is a free and open internet. That’s why the latest push by the Chinese Communist Party to regulate user (read citizen) created content, including YouTube videos, Facebook ...

arraatcouncil- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Following the Owen Sound city council meeting of March 29th, we at the Owen Sound Hub researched the facts that Dr. Arra presented at that meeting, including one about the doctors' remuneration at the Family Health Team that was questioned in a roundtable on CFOS a few days later.

The following week, we obtained a letter signed by ...

centreofuniverse- by Richard MacDonald

Roman Abramovich is often referred to as a Russian Oligarch. He is one of the richest men in the world who also owns the world's largest yacht. Abramovich is the majority owner of the Chelsea Football Club, a steel company Evraz, and Norilsk Nickel. 

20 or 25 years ago, I had the opportunity to sit in on ...

hubfedora- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

When we opened our office downtown, we were very excited to be in the heart of Owen Sound. We installed clocks for every municipality whose news was appearing on the Hub pages. There was lots more room than we needed, so in collaboration with our landlord, we opened a Community Incubator in the space, just to “see what hatches”. ...


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