emotions- by Andrea Donaldson

"Why don't addicts feel guilty about the way they hurt their families?" oh they DO!

When in active addiction the majority of addicts don’t intentionally hurt their loved ones. They have something going on inside of them that they have lost all control over. ...

Heartstopper-By Madeline Matcheski

On April 22nd, Netflix original ‘Heartstopper’ was finally released and immediately started to gain attention. This adaptation of the ‘Heartstopper’ webcomic and book series by Alice Oseman is a coming-of-age story for a group of young British teens. It follows the lives of...

newhouse- by David Clark

In a recent discussion with the Publisher of The Hub about high taxes and, for some, the perception that Owen Sound’s high property tax rates (primarily residential) are a barrier for people to build or purchase homes in Owen Sound, a question was posed: “Is this fact or fiction?”

Beyond the opinion that some believe it to be a fact, it is a question worth pursuing. ...

houseandkeys- by David Clark

In Part 1 of this analysis, we started to consider factors that might affect how someone decides where to buy or build a home - including, yes, the level of property taxes.  Now we'll look at some other available data and consider what else could affect those choices. ...


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