Kimberley Facebook 19 06 03- by Paul Conway

In early October the artist David Robinson, speaking on behalf of Truth and Reconciliation, smote the villagers of Kimberley hip and thigh for their taste in public art. You can see what he said, and how, by searching this site for "InkQuinox", episodes 1 TO 6 and 8. His craft is impressive, and worth seeing.

A few days ago I drove out to Kimberley to see for myself. ...

BBAirportWM- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Following the publication of the agenda for last night's Owen Sound Council meeting, we published the news that both sides had waived the conditions on the City's sale of the Owen Sound Billy Bishop Airport to Clayton Smith. At the same time, we asked several of the people who had shared their opinions about the impending sale on our pages for their reaction. ...



- by John Tamming

The Office of the Integrity Commissioner (OIC) is in charge of complaints against municipal councillors. Other councillors, staff or ordinary ratepayers are free to launch any such complaint. They usually allege that the councillor has breached the municipal Code of Conduct or some other related statute. ...

truenorth- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

An interesting social experiment. We published a photo on Facebook of the attractive new signage for the True North cannabis store in the former Stop 'n Cash location on 3rd Avenue East. The message with the post was “Fourth cannabis retailer in the River District. A fifth Ontario license is in progress.”

Just a straight-forward, factual comment about a new business. It could have said “Fourth pizza shop in the River District” (except ...


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