shopping 1724299 640- by Jim Hutton

When we compared Owen Sound to Collingwood we found that Owen Sound’s Salaries and Benefits expense was $4 million greater than Collingwood’s. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story since Collingwood contracts out their police services so this cost doesn’t show up in the salary wage envelope. We also have to be cautious when comparing ...

azavedo- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

We are unclear about why Christopher Azavedo, candidate for Georgian Bluffs council, is being so coy with the residents of the Township about his employment. And his home.  He is, after all, proudly running on a platform of transparency and accountability. 

After Mr. Azavedo claimed that our last article about two Georgian Bluffs candidates including himself contained  "a lot of false information ...

factsTwo Georgian Bluffs council candidates have serious credibility problems. This should concern all Town residents, of which I am one.

At the Kemble All Candidates meeting, Rick Winters was asked how and why his employment as town CAO came to an end. He thanked the moderator for the question, acknowledged this as the “elephant in the room” and stated he had been terminated due to a “difference of opinion” with the town council. The fact is that Mr. Winters was not fired because of some banal difference of opinion. He was fired after a Toronto law firm was hired to investigate ...

icebergofculture- by Angus Wright

I appreciated a recent article on benevolent sexism for a number of reasons. I feel the author was absolutely correct in saying that it's part of our culture. When I looked at a recent Owen Sound Hubbub Facebook post about the Chesley Kinsmen steak fundraiser, the comments that resulted, and then a post about the benevolent sexism and its subsequent comments, it appears clear that it's an ongoing issue and concern.

Last week I presented ...


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