chewing- by Chris Farrell

I appreciate the Hub’s thoughtful analysis yesterday of “benevolent sexism”. Considering this, along with the predictable responses, I offer a thought experiment:

Imagine you’re sitting in the breakroom at work, eating lunch with coworkers and enjoying conversation, when one of them looks at you and tells you ...

genderequity- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

“Benevolent sexism”. I learn new language almost every day, and almost always spurred by researching something from our readers.

I received an email about a comment made during a recorded local board meeting, open to the public. A young female staff person was ...

cwood- by Jim Hutton

In Part I we saw that Owen Sound residents had to use a much larger percentage of their income to pay their property taxes than Collingwood residents.

In Part II we  compared total assessment and looked at how our debt compares to Collingwood's. We also examined our annual ...

vote 4746510 640 “At every level of government elections have consequences” says Kevin Smith, Grey Bruce Labour Council President. Smith adds, “with such profound polarization in our population today, this may never be more to the point than in a few weeks when we cast votes for municipal politicians”.

Fortunately, polarization is not fatal, but it may be deeply harmful and ...


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