trafficlightswalkers- by Kevin Taylor

During a lull at work, I stumbled across an article from the Sun Times on Facebook that says the city hired a consultant to present options for signal improvements.  I read every single comment in the thread so far and the general consensus is "go back to how things were" which...eh, I know change is the enemy for a lot of people but how soon people forget just how frustrated they were at the staggered light systems.

Or how often ...

sidewalkdime- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

If you saw it on the sidewalk you might not even bother to bend to pick it up.

After a full hour of work, this dime is the raise our provincial government has given to a minimum wage worker, as of today. According to Statistics Canada, this will be the raise for approximately half a million of our Ontario neighbours,

orangeatthegarden- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Yesterday was a day of words, images, reflection, remembrance.

Today the days of action begin.  Three suggestions for immediate action in Owen Sound.

urban vs ruralby Liam Kelly

The 2021 Federal Election is over, and the seat changes nationally are almost identical to the 2019 election less than two years ago. Many Canadians are frustrated, many are content, but few are ...


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