childabusesmall- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

In the past six years, two local teachers have been convicted of sexual exploitation.

This is a crime under the Criminal Code of Canada that specifically involves people in authority and young people who are ...

patiosazores- by Melissa Kanmacher

This article came to me on a cobblestone side street in a bustling fishing village, founded in 1534.

I fell in love with the place and its overall sense of well-being. The standard of living just seems to have hit the right balance. ...

Untitled design 4- by Jon Farmer

If you can talk about a scary thing openly, you’ll be better equipped if it happens. That's the principle behind the fire drills we practice as children throughout our time at school. It amazes me that we don’t take the same proactive approach to sexual violence.

Neither sexual violence nor fire...

downtown-By Madeline Matcheski

Owen Sound has over 300 businesses, services and stores in downtown alone. From cozy bakeries and restaurants to privately owned record and art shops, the city has a lot to offer if you know where to look. While they do have frequent customers, businesses in downtown Owen Sound are missing out on a critical demographic- the students. 



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