harbourowensound- by Rob Leonard

With so many people calling for more big box retail, more restaurants and more stores to open in a mall when the traditional mall model is a thing of the past, Owen Sound needs to be looking elsewhere ...

CathyHird 21Dec22

As we watch others around us, we see paths that are easy to walk and some that look to be nearly impossible.

But a shut door is not the end of the story ...

kindnesscanchangetheworld- by Jack Nahrgang

Christmas tradition in our household has included listening to the Queen’s annual message; with the passing of Elizabeth II, my anticipation for King Charles’ inaugural yuletide address was tinged with both sadness and curiosity.

You need not be an Anglophile nor even a student of history to realize ...

new home 1664272 640Grey Highlands Council,

I write to you today after learning that the initial development plans for the Talisman Lands include 500 new homes to be constructed. I have also been witnessing the ongoing expansion of Markdale.

Today I also worked in the Markdale hospital, admitting patients that are too ill ...


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