cwood- by Jim Hutton

In Part I we saw that Owen Sound residents had to use a much larger percentage of their income to pay their property taxes than Collingwood residents. It’s important to note that if you rent an apartment you don’t escape our high taxes. It’s unlikely that your landlord absorbs the city’s tax increases. These increases are normally just ...

collingwoodaerial- by Jim Hutton

One question that many who have read my analysis of Owen Sound’s current financial situation is: “So our city has fallen on hard times, but haven’t all municipalities been struggling?”. To answer this question we really need to compare our city to similarly sized communities in our area. The best candidate that I found for this comparison ...

conversation- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Does it matter who pays for the election campaigns of municipal candidates?
Campaigns cost money – literature, signs and advertising make a difference, and supporters give to help their favourite candidates achieve success.

The reason election finance laws are continually being updated is to ensure that the process is fully ...

Unhoused FarmersMarket 04 28Sep22- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

What do you do behind the closed door of your home? Prepare your meals. Wash your dishes. Have a cup of tea. Take your pills. Do your laundry.

What do you do behind the closed door of your bedroom? ...


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