I am happy with the thought that the Owen Sound courthouse and associated properties have been sold and that a very special use for them is being proposed. I heard Mayor Boddy and the developer on CBC this morning. It sounds great, but some very serious unanswered anomolies remain. ...


MalclomPlaceby Dave Trumble
VP, Bruce , Grey Bruce Labour Council

Generated primarily by the despicable policies and legislative agenda of the Mike Harris Tories, but little abated by any Ontario government since, the arc of privatization and ...

PrideMonth2018-By Madeline Matcheski

On March 8th, House Bill HB 1557, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, was passed in the state of Florida. The bill, although claimed to be created to protect students, may do quite the opposite. It has been a topic for debate due to its homophobic-coded wording which restricts the voices of LGBT youth and may endanger the well-being of some of these students....

WCTU-By Madeline Matcheski

Today, March 8th, is National Women’s day in Canada. It is hard to believe that only 104 years ago, in 1918, suffragettes all over Canada were still fighting for the right to vote in federal elections and up until 1954, Indigenous women couldn’t vote. It’s important to ...


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