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canadaflagshandsI am writing to comment on the matter of front row seating for sale at Owen Sound's annual Canada Day celebration.

Canada Day is a national celebration funded by the Federal (and Provincial and local)  Governments from revenues derived from the Canadian people. You will note, the celebration is for all Canadians. It is in its very essence an egalitarian event.

votesignontOntario’s election was a coronation by less than half of eligible voters. In fact, the Progressive Conservatives pulled off another majority with the blessings of 18% of the voting age population.

Doug Ford got out his vote, but Andrea didn’t, and Steven had no vote to get out. It’s not that there were no reasons to trade in Mr Ford in for … anyone really. His performance on the pandemic file was erratic, he paved ...

westgreypopLike any household our councillors' job is to wisely balance our finances.

Council would be negligent if they didn’t request quotes as widely as possible for all our needs.

They know there is major spending required for our bridges, roads, landfills, libraries and water and sewage systems. ...

clawbackOwen Sound Hub,
I am writing to you today in hopes to spread awareness to the public on just how broken our social assistance policies are and also how unfair it is currently trying to work on social assistance in Ontario.

Let me begin with the amounts. Currently in Ontario the max Ontario Works (OW) gives for a single person is $733 a month and ODSP is $1169. A lot of these people can’t work so ...


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