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saublesunsetDespite being found guilty in 2019 on two charges of destroying the habitat of an endangered species, The Town of South Bruce Peninsula has applied the the Ministry of Environment, Parks and Conservation for a permit to rake the beach at Sauble. I truly hope the Ontario MECP and Minister Jeff Yurek make the decision on this permit proposal...

sauble beachWhy is it that despite being convicted of two counts of damaging piping plover habitat, (costing taxpayers something like $600,000), the Town of South Bruce Peninsula has applied to mechanically rake the beach this summer?

Goal 5 of the town's Strategic Plan discusses "Protection, Promotion and...

dollar money flyingIn these days of COVID, there’s been a lot of talk about how things will change … or ought to change.

The New York Times ran a remarkable editorial in April as part of a series on ‘What America Needs’. It was as if America’s paper of record suddenly woke up and realized the country was...

deer2While I was walking through Stoney Orchard Park I came upon 2 deer. The picture of a deer was taken in April 2020 just after I saw the other 2 deer. It was in the field directly opposite the proposed sale of city parkland to Barry’s Construction.

Following is a couple of paragraphs from an article written in the...




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