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nursemaskThere is apparently a shortage of doctors and this shortage is expected to get worse in the future.

Rather than more doctors I would suggest getting more Nurse Practitioners.

In my case, over the years, I have been switched from one doctor to another. Two of them ran to the U.S. while others retired or ...

harbourcampingThe Owen Sound harbour walls were packed with camping fishers (or maybe fishing campers?) during our most recent Salmon Spectacular.
I think this is great.

But isn't it strange that this is allowed when "no camping" signs went up at the East side boat launch this summer when the boondockers started showing up?

ubereatsI’m not sure which is worse – a Party that outright lies in its campaign platform or a Party that cloaks its real agenda in sympathetic-sounding policies for a group of people without power or political leverage.

The case in point is the Conservative’s platform planks on gig-workers – those workers who drive your Uber or Lyft or dash to your door with your meals. ...

slowwWe say we have a “transportation” problem in Grey & Bruce counties but I would suggest that we have a “speed of transport” problem. What do I mean by that?

As we have built faster and faster carbon fueled cars and trucks, the distances of a convenient trip of 45 minutes have allowed us to “concentrate resources”. Schools become bigger ...


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