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georgianbluffstrailMeetings are taking place at the Georgian Bluffs Township regarding the use of the rail trails.

For all walkers, hikers, bikers, joggers, runners, and horseback riders,  if there are any issues from this group of citizens on the rail trail system from Owen Sound to Ben Allen to Shallow Lake regarding ATV'S or any motorized play toys in the summer please participate in the consultation...

littlekidsandbackpacksYesterday, the province announced its vaccine passport system will come into effect at the end of September. People will need proof of vaccination to visit restaurants, gyms, and a few other establishments. Around the same time, the Owen Sound YMCA announced it will be reinstating a couple of my kids' favourite programs. ...

airportre: The essential truths about a small-town airport

If the four basic principles Mr. Macdonald applies to the airport were applied to all other municipal infrastructure we would see the disappearance of city buses, parks, rinks, sports fields, libraries, galleries and museums.

City council has identified  ...

cityhall fullIn my opinion the residents of Owen Sound need to be concerned about proposed amendments to the procedural by-law regarding Public Question Period. They seriously limit the subjects which can be brought forward to Council by a member of the public.

The change would mean that if a subject isn't specifically on the agenda it cannot be brought forward in question period. So for example ...


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