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capecrokerboys1916Re: Rule of Law is not singular, Feb 13, 2020

The world wars and other wars we volunteered to fight in. Also the war of 1812 we allied with the British to fight against the 13 colonies who had broken away from the kingdoms of Europe and England.

The Residential School system our children were . . .

ruleoflawBattle lines are drawn, again, between First Nations and Canadians. On one side the police; on the other First Nations’ protestors. On one side politicians and outraged editorials in the papers; on the other, First Nations’ leaders trying to explain to reporters that ‘we have a different understanding.’

The thing about the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is. . .

earth climateTry to follow this:

Dec 2 Owen Sound City Council directs staff to prepare a report to address climate change.

Jan 13 Staff report to deal with climate change...

Screen Shot 2020 02 10 at 5.50.34 PMRe: Save Georgian Bay's presentation to Owen Sound Council about pumped energy storage (Feb 10)

Grid energy storage is absolutely essential to making green renewable energy practical and cost effective. We should be preliminarily supportive. This is exactly the kind of thing. . .




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