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farmersmarketDear Editor

Recent enhancements to the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market enrich our community. As part of the Downtown River Precinct Initiative, this project was an ...

close up court courthouse hammer 534204 768x427By Esther Gieringer
Intimate partner violence – which for the purposes of this article refers to male violence against women – does not end when couples separate. What was once direct physical, sexual, emotional, mental, or economic abuse changes shape as abusers seek new ways to gain power and control over their former partners and families. One of the most common ways that men seek control is through the adversarial family court process.

ellieandoliI have recently been asked why there is a lack of youth involvement at local climate strikes and rallies.
There seems to be an expectation that youth will lead the fight and save the day.

My personal response would be. . .

atomInnovation is a word you see and hear a lot these days, and with good reason. It’s critical for the nuclear industry that we keep challenging ourselves to be ...




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