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Frankat ACMAs with politicians of all stripes they rely on the public’s short memory.

At the Rebound all candidates meeting on Wednesday I attempted to revive the Dr. Arra fiasco of two years ago. The response to my asking if the new council would instigate an investigation/enquiry into the incident was met with a resounding non answer.

westgreyauditIt is with regret that I write this letter to the editor. As a sitting West Grey councillor, who is not seeking re-election, my preference would be to stay on the sidelines of the municipal election, however I find myself in a position of having to correct misinformation circulated by councillor candidate Doug Townsend regarding the reserves for the Municipality of West Grey. (The following are my own views, I do not speak for all of council) ...

doctorDo you have a family doctor? This is the question that needs to be asked of those running for municipal office in Owen Sound. Would you relinquish your family physician until all your constituents get one?

We are not a fringe group looking for support during an election. We get asked daily to take on new patients but we can not and still provide care to the patients that are already rostered for care. ...

skydevrcaResponse to City of Owen Sound’s decision to support the 712 apartment complex on the former RCA property:

City Planners and the Director fully supported this initiative in spite of the concerns outlined on September 12, 2022, and written letters, from the community, expressing concerns. After minimal discussion, the Council unanimously ...


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