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newcreaturesEveryone is looking for something right? Well today in Owen Sound, Ontario I spotted two new creatures!
Maybe not of the animal kind but creatures nonetheless.
I was relaxing with my wife at a local Tim Hortons parking lot on Tenth Street about noon.
To my joy I saw something New and Cool!

open signDear Editor,

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged families, students, seniors, farmers, and businesses in Bruce – Grey – Owen Sound.

I have been hearing from many small business owners who are unsure if...

mothers day 3247144 640Think up five good qualities about your mother and five good qualities about yourself. Get help if you need. Write them down on pieces of paper or cardboard. You place your mother's . . .

less is more 791109 640It seems when it comes to the environment, the idea of simply using “less” is often replaced by technical solutions involving more objects created to allow a more effective ways of producing the “same”. We can’t seem to think of “less” as a strategy to decrease our global impact on the environment but as an, “Oh yeah” side note.

While we rarely do it, I'm starting to. . .




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