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pump storageDear Editor,

We would like to respond to concerns raised in the letter Reader questions local TC Energy project, published October 17 ...

climbingThe government of Canada is a business. Before a business buys a machine (for example) they conduct a return on investment analysis (ROI). In my day the ROI required was 15%. This left some room for the odd investment that didn’t work out.

In some cases, where there was a safety issue involved, an investment had to be made regardless of ROI, mostly because the value of a healthy human life was considered to have no reasonable upper limit. . .

JournalistAfter Monday’s election, a new chapter in Canada’s legacy begins. With my voter’s privilege and responsibility, I think deeply about the long-term impacts our representatives will have, and find myself increasingly grateful for sources of information that strive to be non-partisan and factual. To make up my own mind, I try to avoid being swayed by political media coverage that functions as entertainment, or crosses the line from persuasion to propaganda by. . .

georgianbaymeafordDear Editor

I attended the recent community meeting in Meaford concerning the proposed TransCanada Energy (TCE)  (formerly the TransCanada Corporation) project to be located on ...




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