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facemaskDear Editor;

Forty years ago Canada’s labour movement warned of the dangers of unfettered corporate power and political influence. Along with partners in social responsibility such as the Council of Canadians and progressive politicians, the labour...

mental healthMay is Sexual Assault Prevention Month but do we need to talk about sexual violence during these hard times of uncertainty, fear, isolation and personal stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Sexual violence - just like all forms of violence against women and children - is most often perpetrated in isolation and...

housingTo the editor:

I spoke yesterday with Amy Cann of the Owen Sound Planning Department Re short term rentals in Owen...

newcreaturesEveryone is looking for something right? Well today in Owen Sound, Ontario I spotted two new creatures!
Maybe not of the animal kind but creatures nonetheless.
I was relaxing with my wife at a local Tim Hortons parking lot on Tenth Street about noon.
To my joy I saw something New and Cool!




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