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environmentalbillofrightsDear Editor,

We are increasingly concerned about the actions Doug Ford’s government has taken to counteract the environmental protections our farmland, natural areas, and wild species need.

Proper public consultation on changes to environmental law and policy was something that Ontarians could count on, thanks to our Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). Not anymore. Twice in recent years Ford’s government has broken our own laws by ...

DaycareDear Editor

Affordable child care is a major contributor to economic growth enabling more parents to return to work. That’s a good thing and all centres welcome this plan for that reason. But what will it cost?


paradecroppedTo the Editor,

I would like to thank, and congratulate the organizers of the Grey Bruce Earth Day Event.

The day was filled with colourful and musical activities for everyone- M’Wikwedong Native Drummers, a water ceremony conducted by Elder Shirley John , a festive parade of costumed adults and children ...

stickerchequeDear Editor;

Last week I received a license sticker rebate cheque of $200.00. My first thought was to send the cheque back uncashed.Instead I decided to cash the cheque and donate the money to a charity. There are many worthwhile charities that can always use more cash and I am not going to promote any one charity. ...


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