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beardsforbucksApologizing in public is not easy, especially for leaders. They are heroes when things go right –and scapegoats when things go wrong.

Since reading Beards for Bucks’ apologies of a councillor, our mayor, our MPP, and our MP, I googled how to make a proper apology. . .

canada flag- by Brad Hood

I am proud of our country! Our people have hung in there and followed the advice of health experts. Not only has this helped to flatten the curve and slow down this virus but it has...

aakashdesai2- by Aakash Desai, Deputy Mayor, Grey Highlands

On Saturday July 11, 2020 I participated in a fundraising event called “Beards for Bucks” which was aimed at raising funds for the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation. In particular the funds raised would go to the COVID-19 Critical Response Fund.

As part of the event, my beard was shaved off by a stylist. When I had agreed to participate in the event, I was told that I would be shaving my own beard.

Council ChambersCovid-19 has been a struggle for business and charities over the last few months. Between the closures and restrictions on reopening, and the reduced spending and giving, everyone is challenged.

For myself on the business side, two out of three of my commercial tenants are still closed under “Phase 2” rules. 


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