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airportDear Mr. Mayor Boddy, Members of Council, and Residents of Owen Sound:

I am writing this letter as a former resident and forever Owen Sounder to express my concerns for the future of the  Owen Sound Billy Bishop Memorial Airport (CYOS). ...


trustDear Editor:

What a difference six months makes.

Our local medical officer of health has made the national news at least twice. The first was ...

fossil foolAs every grade 9 science student knows you can’t suck and blow at the same time. Or, to put it a little more delicately, you can’t both inhale and exhale.

But that’s precisely what the federal Liberals are trying to do with their fossil fuel and climate change ...

airportI own and operate a small private aircraft. In the past I used to fly to Owen Sound, and when there would often purchase hundreds of dollars of aviation fuel. I have friends in Owen Sound. I would take my friends to dinner in downtown Owen Sound. A trip to Owen Sound was something I enjoyed.

As a result of the landing fees ...


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