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lightsI will not be in Owen Sound during this election, but I wish I could be there to cast my ballot. Raised in a Tory blue environment, I have worn shirts of orange, waved flags of red, and given money to the Greens. My political values are confused; I am a moderately conservative capitalist, green at heart, and a social-leaning liberal but if we were in town at the moment, our lawn would be festooned with. . .


crowdDear Editor:

In the Opinion Column, The Sun Times (October 16, 2019) responds to the potential prospect of a coalition Government in Canada. Under the heading, “Coalition not the Way in Canada” the paper warns with strong words that ...

calculateDear Editor,

Long story short:  You don’t know what you don’t measure.  Know because you checked.

Short story long:  Back in March of this year I was curious to know what the effect of the proposed Carbon Tax would be to our household.  Because I had the data to make a calculation, I created a spreadsheet to find out how the Carbon Tax was going to affect us.  Would I be out-of-pocket

tree plantingDear Editor:

Climate panic is an emerging concern of mine. After a lifetime in procrastinating and minding one’s own business, a large number of early retirees now have time ...




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