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cigarette smokeIt seems to me that there is a somewhat perfect analogy between the dangers of cigarette smoking and climate change. Scientists started stating conclusively that cigarettes cause lung cancer in the 1940’s. Still, even today, although it is generally agreed to be true, some people still smoke, apparently exchanging the...

tea lightsLike the rest of Canada, the Directors of Welcoming Communities Grey Bruce were shocked and saddened by the tragic destruction of Flight PS752 and the 176 amazing people that were on board. We mourn for the victims of this senseless tragedy. We think of their family...

climate change handsCongratulations to Owen Sound City Council for listening to concerned citizens and taking significant first steps towards action on our local and global Climate Emergency. On Monday Council approved the hire of a full time staff to assist the city with the development and implementation of plans...

cemeteryWhen people congratulate me on having Natural Burial finally approved for Owen Sound after eight years of effort, I find I must disappoint them.

It seems that the City has decided . . .




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