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peoplemixedWith the upcoming municipal elections comes an opportunity to make much needed change.

I am joining what appears to be a growing number of Owen Sound taxpayers who are really concerned with our present Council ... especially with the lack of leadership by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Decisions made during the present term of Council clearly showed ...

keyboardpencilsThere has been much misinformation and misquoting being spread around and I just wanted to set the record straight for anyone looking for these answers.

My wife is not an elementary school teacher for the Durham School Board, this is simply not true and the linkedin profile that this is being quoted from is Christine Azevedo, my wife is Christina Azavedo.

My children do not go to school in this area ...

arraatcouncilSadly, it's not true. The headline is actually :"Alberta government to change bonus rules after hefty payout to Hinshaw during COVID-19".

But if you want the Grey-Bruce version of the headline to be true, you (and only you) can do it. Vote accordingly in the upcoming municipal elections!

For context ...

redlightboyDear Editor,

It is increasingly dangerous to be on our roads, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. As a mother on parental leave and a runner, I have near-misses with cars and trucks almost daily. I’m calling on our community to commit to making our streets safer for everyone.

Just last week my family was walking downtown on 2nd Ave East. We waited ...


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