redboxes- by John Tamming

On my way to the city council meeting last night I passed by twenty or so people in the rain outside city hall. Many were walking around with soggy cardboard boxes on their heads.

Inside the meeting, things were no more coherent. Inchoate anger could be sensed everywhere in the council chambers. People wanted something done about homelessness.

doodle 1388119 640- By Jim Hutton

My previous articles on taxation during the period 2011 to 2020, were based on the city’s Audited Financial Statements available on the city’s website. The Audited Financial Statements give us a high level of confidence. However, as currently constructed they do not provide sufficient visibility for us to see how individual department budgets are growing. For example, the audited financials show us statements for “Recreation and Cultural Services” which includes the Library, the Art Gallery, the Bayshore and the Rec Centre. However, the city’s audited financial statements are currently structured to show only groups of departments,

homelessBrockton- by Eric Coleman

On September 20, Brockton Municipal Council received a presentation from employees of Grey and Bruce Counties, as well as the YMCA, on the issue of homelessness. Following the presentation was a lengthy discussion on the issue. The agenda and video can be found here: What follows is my response on the issue and discussion.


bikelane2- by Bill Stobbe

As we head closer to a municipal election this fall, all prospective councillors and mayoral candidates should be putting forward their fresh ideas on how to make Owen Sound a better place to live and work. How can we make our streets and neighbourhoods safer? How can we attract more development and support our local businesses and industries? How can we market Owen Sound as the place where people want to relocate to and call home?


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