handcircle- by Aly Boltman

Last weekend, I got copied on an email from Josh Richardson, who had sent members of the Emancipation Festival Board and volunteers (like me) pictures of the neo-Nazi stickers he and his family had just spent hours tearing down after finding them on a morning walk by the river.

88- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

There is always a risk that calling out hate gives it publicity and causes the haters to line up and sign up. We have decided it is time to take that risk.

We are going to post information about some symbols of hate that have shown up in our community in the past months like weeds after a few days of rain.

checkengine- by Bill Moses

While no one can truly say that we are in a climate crisis, it sure as hell makes a lot of sense to act as if there is one. 

A good analogy to our situation would be that of being given a brand new car and then, more than not maintaining  it, we totally abuse it. Then the engine light comes on.  Is that a crisis? 

gas pump resize 768x453- by Sarah Buchanan, Envoronmental Defence

Premier Ford is forcing gas station owners in Ontario to put up misleading anti-carbon tax stickers by August 30th. These stickers deliberately hide the truth by leaving out any mention of carbon tax rebates, and by failing to mention the devastating impacts of the climate crisis we are facing.

You have the right to speak up, but...




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