greyhighlandscouncil- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Each time a racist incident is reported to us, we carefully consider whether or not to report on it.   We try not to give chauvinists or their offensive words or images any space on our platform.

But this time bigotry is entering the realm of governance, the bodies that make decisions on behalf of all of us ...

airplanebw- by Richard Macdonald

In evaluating the need for an airport, some basic principles must be applied.

As a general philosophy we should be mindful of the following fundamentals which should apply:

siren- by Kaitlyn Dickinson

An overdose alert was issued yesterday stating that several suspected opioid overdoses have occurred in our region over the last few days. According to the Owen Sound Overdose Prevention Society, deaths related to an unregulated supply of drugs increased 56% in Grey-Bruce in 2020. More people died from the unregulated supply of drugs in 2020 in our region than from Covid-19. Our friends, family, neighbours and loved ones are dying at an alarming rate, and our community is far behind in efforts to prevent these tragedies. ...

goliath- by Scott Parent

Rotenone is the piscicide most often used to kill fish, by inhibiting cellular respiration in mitochondria, which leads to reduced cellular uptake of oxygen. It affects most aquatic gill-breathing animals such as fish, amphibians and insects.

The federal government has given the green light to eradicating small mouth bass, labeled invasive ...


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