campfire- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

In the midst of the Dr Seuss, Pepe Le Pew et al discussion, a local young father made the statement that he had always known the difference between fiction and real life, because he had “good parents”. Further, he said, fiction did not influence him.

This morning I woke up with a tune in my head, and as I struggled to put words to it, I was horrified to discover that I could, and these were the words. ...

aerialsound- Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

When you create something to represent your community – a changing, living place in a dynamic world – how often does it need to be updated to reflect your current reality?

There are many details on Owen Sound's Community Development webpage that will need to catch up with 2021, but it is the Community Video ...

periodproducts3- by Alicia Sylvest

It’s not availability; Its accessibility.

Not 24 hours has gone by since we set up at the high school to hand out free period products, and I have been swarmed with messages of defense. So many are speaking out about how there ARE products available for students if they need them, but this isn't the root. "The products are free, and the students just have to ask."

janicejacksonbeach- by Craig Gammie

"This should NEVER have gotten this far”. I agree. I also submit that it should never even have even got off the ground.

Janice Jackson has been fighting with the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) over plover habitat protection since 2011. She was repeatedly warned by MNR staff that ...


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