coyote fullBy Gary W. Kenny

Several years ago I asked my brother-in-law, a metal sculptor, to craft me a weathervane. I specified a realistic-looking coyote howling at a crescent moon, and I e-mailed him an image from the internet. I forgot about my artist brother-in-law’s penchant for interpretation. What I got looked nothing like what I had requested. On the top of...

farmer- by Debra Pretty-Straathof, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

Ontario’s farm workforce is changing. More farmers are retiring, selling their farms or transitioning the business to the next generation. Younger farm faces are making more purchasing and management decisions. And while technology and automation...

legalclinic- by George Thomson

Compounding the government’s numerous other cuts to programs and services for Ontario’s most vulnerable, Ontario’s attorney general has opted to make things worse by slashing their capacity to receive legal help and to be heard in our courts and tribunals. She and the government have done this by imposing much larger cuts on legal aid than...

farmersmarketJust a heads up to Owen Sound Farmers' Market Vendors and Customers. We will have some visitors to Market at 11 tomorrow who would like to change how you view and act in the world. Currently the Market does not allow other groups to do this (religions) but if one couches it in protest or better yet as an artistic protest activity one can...




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