jailhazard- by Faith Leitch

Once again the Old Courthouse and attached Jail was up for sale, after several attempts to find another willing buyer. Southbridge Retirement Homes purchased the property in May 2015 but after further investigation, including soil testing by London Soil Test Ltd., they took advantage of the 4-year buyback clause, returning it to the City in May 2016. Further attempts to secure a buyer over the years have gone nowhere.

A County Jail, built in 1853 and opened in 1854 for ...

graduation 1-By Madeline Matcheski

Deciding what you want to do after High School is a huge commitment for any teenager to make. Whether it be choosing your program and which university or college you plan to attend, or how to improve your resume and successfully get your dream job, it’s always nice to have a helping hand. With University and College Applications getting submitted and approved right now...

person on phone-By Madeline Matcheski

When communicating verbally, tone of voice and mannerisms can completely change the meaning of a sentence and how it is perceived. In a study originally conducted in 1967, UCLA professor of psychology Albert Mehrabian discovered 93% of understanding is from non-verbal cues. 55% is attributed to body language and 38% is due to tone of voice, both of which...

benchmat- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

We have much to discuss about homelessness in Owen Sound. It will impact every single one of us, whether we personally know anyone who is homeless, or not.

You will all be encouraged to donate – money, socks, food and time – to those who are on the front lines of working with the homeless. The food security crisis will continue ...


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