crosswalkscar- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

We have heard some important words spoken over the past few months by people with power and authority in our community. Are our actions as a city living up to those words?

“This crosswalk creates a permanent visual show of support ...

surveyThis one is from the Gallup Organization's Place and Happiness Survey, detailed in Richard Florida's 2008 book "Who's Your City?" We've updated the vocabulary just a bit for 2021.

"How would you rate your city as a place to live for the following types of people?"

oxymeter- by David McLeish

A lively debate is now underway as to whether Canadians should be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or alternatively, be required to carry a COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate. Premier Ford has said his government is neither planning to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for workers in any industry, nor is it going to develop a provincial "vaccine passport'' similar to one ...

shhhmask- by Elizabeth Willmott

After my two doses of vaccine, and my two-week wait, I started to make appointments for neglected health-related services.

My foot-care person (who also works in Long-Term Care facilities) told me upfront that, knowing me, she thought she ought to tell me that she is not vaccinated ...


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