pexels energepiccom 110469There are problems facing our community – climate crisis, inequality, lack of affordable housing – that are so complex they require collaboration and coordination between all levels of government, community groups and the private sector. To find effective solutions,...

beavervalley- by Linda Reader

During the Grey Highlands Council meeting of December 15, 2021, four members of the public made presentations to the Mayor and Council calling attention to problems with respect to Item 7.2 Sale of Land Process - Upper and Lower Talisman, an Agenda item which called for the two pieces of land to be declared “surplus” to prepare for their eventual sale.

transit buildingb fullRe: A balancing act, a slash or a re-think

- by John Tamming

David McLeish makes a lot of solid points. But for the record, my past calls to slash police spending were specifically tied to a shift away from officers and towards front line social and medical workers. I repeatedly ...

barbfletcherpsw- by Barbara A. Fletcher

Re:  Letter to the Editor published in the Hanover Post, December 9th, signed "A group of seven dedicated Grey-Bruce healthcare workers" .

First, I will qualify myself:
I'm an EPSW (Enhanced Personal Support Worker), as well as a certified Joint Health and Safety Representative, Co-chairing on two committees and serving on a third. ...


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