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By Jon Farmer
It’s the time of year when holiday music is inescapable in public spaces and festive movies and TV specials are filling the broadcast channels from top to bottom. There’s a risk of it all seeming cliché and formulaic but there’s at least one message in those holiday stories that deserves to be shouted from the mountain tops: no one is too insignificant to make the world a better place.

smiling woman carrying dog near tree 1975989By Madeline Sanagan
Imagine your pet. See their face, and think about how much you love that creature. If you’re an animal lover, you know that you’d do just about anything to keep your pet happy – take them along on your adventures, buy them toys they’ll eventually destroy and beds they’ll never use because they prefer to share yours, put them in ridiculous coats to keep warm or even little boots to keep their toes from freezing outside (and also because it makes them walk funny). Our pets are a part of our families.

denae2- by Denae Jenings, BScN, R.N.

I write today as a Registered Nurse, patient advocate, community partner and as someone interested in improving the health care we receive in our region. For most of my professional career I have worked in either the publicly funded health system that is accessible to us all, or provided supplementary coverage to fill a gap in home care.

paintedhouses- by David Beverly-Foster

There’s a lot of talk about housing affordability lately, for good reason. Without going too far and risking the detainment of my friends, people are resorting to some pretty ‘creative’ means to get by, but only when they’re lucky enough to have access to the space to set up a tent, camper, shack, tiny home, or hole up in a barn. Many people have. . .




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