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stainedlipsDear Editor,

I am making a desperate plea to my fellow Canadians about the upcoming election. Please, for the good of the country, don’t vote. You have no idea what you are talking about.

All sides are guilty of this entirely equally. You sip your blue or your red Kool-Aid or you try experimenting with orange, green, or whatever other flavours give you a cop out to say...

pesticideDear Editor:

I read, with concern, the recent letter regarding the spraying of pesticides on Sauble Beach which was published in the Owen Sound Hub (Oct 6). This lead me to investigate the numerous pesticide signs along ...

Cautionary01If you're in a Liberal-held riding, by all means vote strategically but what follows is a cautionary tale from the conservative stronghold of  Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound back in 2015 and its repercussions today.

As you may or may not know,

pesticidebeachDear Editor,

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula (TSBP) was just last week found guilty on two charges of destroying habitat of an endangered species. Ironically, days BEFORE these verdicts, the beach at Sauble was sprayed with toxic herbicides on what the mayor refers to on her facebook page as . . .




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