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fallenleavesThe "celebrations" planned for Canada Day in Owen Sound haven't been cancelled. I'm stunned by this. I just sent the following email to Mayor Ian Boddy, Deputy Mayor Brian O'Leary and each of the Councillors. And now I'm going to call City Hall...

Thank you for walking back the absurd idea of blaring sirens and lights...

flaggirlLast year, my Canada Day message was to celebrate all that we love about our country.

As we hear more about the residential schools and the atrocities against the Indigenous peoples and their children, my message this year is different. ...

candleadobeDeputy Mayor Brian O’Leary’s tone-deaf commentary on Indigenous-settler relations cannot go unchecked.

His ill-informed idea of blaring sirens was bad enough, and thankfully has been walked back. Yet O’Leary is quoted as saying, “I think that we can all agree that what happened to these Indigenous children is something that our ancestors did to their ancestors. ...

sirenDear Councillors:

This letter marks the first time that we have written you.  Such is the significance of the matter at hand.

We urge you to please reconsider your decision to proceed with "a citywide sounding of emergency vehicle sirens ...


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