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healthunit fullWe are in the boardroom of the Bruce-Grey Public Health Unit. The sightlines impress. We are a few stories up, overlooking a stretch of the outer harbour. I am here to get a good view of the plague. After a brief string of snippy emails (snippy, that is, on my end - I thought much of the posted PUH data to...

snowbirds2Honorable Prime Minister and Respected Cabinet Ministers,

I woke this morning, after a restless night, after weeks of self-isolation and distancing, to learn that it has been decided to send the Snowbirds off on a cross-country flight as a signal of hope and encouragement during the Covid-19 pandemic. I burst into tears and I am shaking. . .

beehouseHere is something to help you pass the time - The Wild and Wonderful World of Bees, a talk by Dr. Laurence Parker.

I have also attached a few photos of my beehouse.

Having a beehouse in your backyard for entertainment can make

outandaboutHelp me out here.

Why are so many Ontarians still being diagnosed with Covid-19? Each day since March 17th, when Ontario declared an emergency, an average of 320 Ontarians have been diagnosed with Covid-19.




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