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cohousingLetter to the editor:

As nonprofit developers like Glassworks have discovered, it has become unreasonably difficult to build attainable housing in Owen Sound - the place "where people want to live."

A recent New York Times article describes what the state of California is doing to overcome municipal barriers to building more housing.


I am writing to inform the public that there is a local group called “Take Back Catholic Education” who has been opposing the work that BGCDSB is doing around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. This group has spread misinformation regarding what is being taught in Catholic schools throughout Bruce and Grey. Reviewing the www.takebackcatholiced.ca website and reading through the trustee nomination form posted there made my stomach turn.

This group is seeking to remove recognitions and representations that make Catholic schools safer, more welcoming and more inclusive spaces ...

georgianbluffsclosedsessionDear Editor

RE Rick Winter Running for Georgian Bluffs Council

At the Georgian Bluffs All Candidates Meeting at the Kemble United Church on September 27th, Rick Winters acknowledged that he was terminated from his position as CAO of Georgian Bluffs in February 2020. ...

grandmothersturgeonOn September 30, in the Gitche Namewikwedong Reconciliation Garden, 200 or so visitors to the event honouring the day Truth and Reconciliation , were treated to a truly inspiring morning.

The program included music, story telling, drumming, singing and speeches. The experience was ...


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