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shoesatgardenDear Mr. Boddy,

The bodies of 1,333 (and counting) First Nations' children have been found in unmarked mass graves in recent weeks. This is evidence of what the Truth and Reconciliation Commission concluded was a genocide. ...

rail trail dog strangling vineLast year I worked on two properties attempting to control the spread of dog strangling vine. One allowed me to use RoundUp and one did not. Attached is a photo of the one that did not. Many of the waypoints ...

writingConcern over Brian Giesbrecht's column - Some questions about Kamloops: rushing to judgement without all the facts, published in the Winnipeg Sun.

I'm writing to express my concern at your decision to publish a colum by Brian Giesbrecht questioning the nature of the discovery of 215 children's bodies at ...

latop typingRE: Some questions about Kamloops: rushing to judgement without the facts - Brian Giesbrecht’s op-ed in the Winnipeg Sun, June 5/21

“It is not clear at this point how many of the bodies detected were residential students. It’s also not clear that there was even anything sinister about ...


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