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hockeyFor a little fun I decided to predict the outcome of the 2020 upcoming OHL playoffs.

Looking at the stats from the last 14 seasons, I developed an algorithm to predict the “statistically-likely” outcome, based on regular...

snow shovelEditor:

Back in 2004, during our first winter in Owen Sound, our driveway was totally blocked by a huge drift of packed snow and ice courtesy of a city plow operator. Not just the usual few inches that one expects when the blade isn't lifted, but a large truck...

TimberMcArthurPark2To the editor:

Regarding the decision by Council to consider selling off a piece of Timber McArthur Park

I and my family use the trails and urban forest along the east edge of the escarpment all the time. Timber McArthur Park is a significant piece of that. We live. . .

teacherAs a parent of a middle-school student, I have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the classroom. I volunteer for school field trips, I stop in to the school and deliver snacks to my child’s classroom, and I invite my kids’ classmates over for pizza, pop and...




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