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councilinactionI have been keeping somewhat abreast of the bullying allegations before council and I find some disturbing things circling around the situation.

1. No matter who makes the allegations, it needs to be addressed. Does anyone think that a person sat down one night and conjured ...

silencenewspaperMy wife and I are very disappointed with the different responses to how the issue of alleged bullying has been dealt with by Owen Sound Council. We are not lawyers and cannot definitively decide what proper procedure should have been followed from the beginning. The only facts we have to date are  ...

citycouncilsmallThis week the Owen Sound Hub publicly released a letter titled "Politics of Intimidation: An Open Letter to City Council," which made some strong statements about the Deputy Mayor and questioned the Mayor's credibility and motives.

If it's an open letter to the council, why did it appear in the media, you may ask? Partly because the Mayor ruled. . .

tamming- by John Tamming

I appreciate the feedback to my article (below) on recent city council proceedings. My comments were shut down at council and I was not permitted to challenge Mr. O’Leary’s conduct apart from an extended complaint process through a complaints office. I have regretfully now triggered that process.

My original article included a reference to a councillor’s family member. That reference may have been. . .


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