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sharetheroadallTo Director of Transportation, County of Grey

Dear Mr Hoy:

There was an accident last week on Grey County road 15, near Annan which resulted in serious injuries to a cyclist.

believeowensoundcropDear Candidates for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Owen Sound City Council:

Before I vote, here’s what I believe and what I want you to know.

I love Owen Sound and I can see the best of the past in the city’s rich history and pride of place. Its why my extended family of 9 all moved here in the last 5 years. ...

motorcycleexhaustI’ve become aware of an over abundance of instances in the Owen Sound and surrounding area of males suffering from S.P.S ( Small Penis Syndrome), the major symptom of which is extremely loud exhausts from their internal combustion powered motor vehicles

poilievretoppCitizens of Grey Bruce.

I recently engaged our esteemed member of Parliament over his decision to meet with Mr Topp and his seditionist buddies on Parliament Hill. I expressed my concern that by doing so, he was, in effect, lending credibility to their misguided efforts to undermine the very institutions that have developed over Canada’s lifetime to preserve ...


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