saveourchildren- by Amanda Preston

This past Saturday, I was proud to walk with the many individuals who came to the Save the Children End Human Trafficking March in Owen Sound to raise awareness of and see an end to human trafficking in our cities, rural communities, country and across the world. We were encouraged to see so many ...

labourdaymask- by Chris Charlton

Each Labour Day, we celebrate the things we enjoy as a result of the collective action of Canadian workers: pensions, weekends,
parental leave, 8 hour work days, paid holidays, and the list goes on.

But this year, I want to single out just one. I want to say a huge THANK YOU

webuyhousesfuzz- by Anne Fnlay-Stewart, Editor

Following up on a sea of signs that have popped up all over the region in the last few weeks and finally arrived in Owen Sound, we learned things we think the 25,000 plus folks who found our photo in their Facebook newsfeed might find interesting.

The "We Buy Houses" signs are part of a growing trend of "iBuyers". . .

bandaidcommunity- by Lesley Hallett and Jennifer Meloche

My friend and I need help and ideas. We know that within our circle of friends and the greater community, we have thoughtful and hardworking creative thinkers, social workers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, frontline workers, farmers and an assortment of skilled labourers. Although we both are fortunate enough to not be living in. . .


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