tealightsindark- by Paul Conway

We blew it. We absolutely blew it, because we forgot. We must never forget that way again. I am speaking, of course, of Covid-19, and our absurd state of unpreparedness.

Notice that I say “we” forgot, not “they”. We are a democracy.

Why Bother with climate action 1- by Jon Farmer

On January 10th, Owen Sound City Council heard a deputation from Grey County’s Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Coordinator Linda Swanston with an update on the development of the County’s climate change action plan. It was an important step because Council had previously decided to wait for the County’s plan before developing a climate action plan for...

figure3unemployment- by David Clark

A press release from the Four County Labour Market Planning Board (3rd December 2021), which is based on a release from Statistics Canada of its Labour Market Indicators, stated the “local unemployment rate dropped to 2.8%” (from 3.0 from October). Interestingly, the December rate was 3.0%; so it rose again.

On the face of it this sounds like great news. But be cautious of such statistical announcements for such a large region ...

rapidtests- Hub staff

Do you want to report the results of your rapid COVID-19 test? You are not alone. The United Kingdom has been asking residents to report their results for the last nine months. On the other hand, some experts in Canada warn to take this data with a grain of salt. Since you will be the one providing your data, it is clearly up to you to decide what to do with your result. ...


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