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residentcareThey were “low-hanging fruit" for Ontario’s previous Harris government – the service workers in health care, both public and private, made up almost entirely of women - women of colour and recent immigrants. They are deemed “essential” under most provincial labour legislation and therefore denied the right to strike.

beachfunRe: Education Minister must provide timelines: Schreiner

We are in uncharted waters. Our leaders, political views aside, are human and very likely exhausted, emotionally drained from working nonstop and worrying about their own loved ones and the thousands of people they are expected to serve.

warming climateAn excellent article just published in The National Observer raises troubling questions about the Ontario government’s recently announced intention, citing COVID-19, to suspend environmental oversight rules as it copes with the coronavirus crisis. Why and how, I ask, is this...

environmental protectionTO: The Hon. Jeff Yurek, Minister, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

The Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
Ian Arthur, MPP, Environment...




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