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tsp logo sq 140Do voters have to choose among urgent priorities when choosing their candidates?  

What voter wants to put affordable housing before food security before economic development or a thriving agricultural sector? And who wants to put any of those before the need to address the climate crisis?  

Maybe we don’t have to choose ...

peoplemixedI am so grateful for the people who have let their names stand to serve as mayor, deputy mayor, councillor or school board trustee in our city.

I hope the expanded options for casting votes will result in more residents participating ...

Sue selfie October 17 2022This has been an interesting election campaign for me. I had bilateral knee surgery on the 9th of September so I have not been able to get out to speak to you by going door to door. I did manage to attend all three events put on where the public could ask questions and get answers so I thought I would share the links to the two events that were publicized.

Frankat ACMAs with politicians of all stripes they rely on the public’s short memory.

At the Rebound all candidates meeting on Wednesday I attempted to revive the Dr. Arra fiasco of two years ago. The response to my asking if the new council would instigate an investigation/enquiry into the incident was met with a resounding non answer.


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