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environmental protectionTO: The Hon. Jeff Yurek, Minister, Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

The Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
Ian Arthur, MPP, Environment...

be our bestDear friends and co-workers,

I want to reach out to you, to seek your support with an important message for our communities, our industry and the entire province of Ontario.

This week, we’ve redirected some resources in order to produce a 60-second advertisement called “Be Our Best.” It recognizes all the...

philmcnicholgardenRe: "Foreign labour is critical to farm production in both countries, where domestic workers shun the hard physical labour and low pay." (Financial Post, April 6)

Surely that tells us something. I'm 76 years old, and this season as usual I'm going to plant, cultivate, and harvest a labour-intensive. . .

dr test tubesFunny how a little thing that a microscope has trouble seeing can turn our world upside down. OK, maybe not ‘funny’ when it’s making so many so sick and killing some of us.

Every election, the economy trumps every other worry. Now the public’s health trumps economics. COVID-19 has paralyzed the...




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