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murray hopeDear Editor,

I would like to say these words of preventive medicine to be used by everyone:

"Do onto others as you would have them do onto you
Don't spread the Covid virus" ...

jailwallsAt stake right now is the future of the Old Courthouse/Jail future. The Courthouse will stay. All other structures can be demolished. A Facebook questionnaire asked opinions about various options. I filled it out. However, I live one building away from the jail and am not aware of any attempt to question neighbors.

My main concern is preservation of the historic wall along ...

parklandsale2Owen Sound City Council and Staff

Climate Action Team Grey-Bruce (CAT) GreyBruce express our great appreciation to Owen Sound council for maintaining Stoney Orchard and Timber McArthur Park as continuous city owned parkland, thus stopping the sale of any ...

classroomMy Mom was the first Special Ed teacher hired by the Peel Board of Education. Just about every summer she spent in Toronto taking classes to upgrade her qualifications. By the time she retired, the trail she blazed in education was well-recognized and ...

Screenshot 2020 10 18 Sing For Your Supper Limited Edition PrintHere’s the problem. Our economic health depends on a high level of consumption. To achieve this, we want people to make money and then spend it. However, right now people need a job in order to make money. That is why we hear the mantra, “Jobs, jobs, jobs.” The problem is that it doesn’t take full employment to provide all the goods and services that we would ever need.

Why not then pay people to consume?


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