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- by Chloe Devlin

VOTE SIGN ELECTIONS CANADA 2Vote!!!  Please, get out and vote. It’s lazy and irresponsible not to, choose the party that best aligns with your beliefs and SHOW UP!

Can Armed ForcesI am a veteran who served in the first Gulf War. My son served in Afghanistan and returned missing a leg. I have first-hand knowledge of veterans whose daily struggle with life-altering mental and ...

Townsend HeadshotDear Mr Townsend,

I recently attended an all candidates meeting in which you denied climate change was caused by human activity and stated that Co2 was not a pollutant but a naturally occurring gas. I’ve gotten so I can ignore this...

robotDear Editor:

Greens and NDP are promoting a robot tax.  However, if a company needs to cut costs by automating in order to survive, a robot tax could be counter productive.  Rather than have a robot tax, It might be more positive to have a tax rate adjusted for a ...




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