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classroomI went to a one room school, grades one to eight. I believe methods used there might help in the current back to school dilemma. Our teacher would start at the grade ones at 9:00 am and would only reach the grade eights by about 11:30 am. Everybody knew what they were supposed to do before the teacher got to...

taxrebateIn 1998 Ontario implemented a 30% rebate in property tax for vacant commercial property. This is a subsidy paid for by the municipal Taxpayers. Starting in 2018 municipalities had the option to modify or opt out of the program.

Owen Sound City Council voted to continue the program and. . .

build rentRecent times presented a number of issues on an individual/community and global scale. Most, subjected to act from a place of survival mode (as one’s abilities to earn a living have been compromised).

My intention in sharing this story is not to vent about what frustrates me in regards to...

countrylanesmilesMr. Bill Walker and Mr. Alex Ruff,

My name is Bev Illman and I am an Office Manager in Long Term Care. I have been working in this field for 25 years and find it sad that a pandemic brings to light a long- standing problem of staff shortages.

Working in long term care is not for everyone. It takes a very special person to work there.


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