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heatdomebabiesDear Rick Byers and Alex Ruff,

On June 29th it will be one year since BC saw a heat dome that trapped people in 40°C+ heat. Temperatures that killed over 600 people and cooked shellfish and other marine mammals on the beaches of Western Canada.

Do you remember where you were? Do you have vivid memories? Were you cooling off with the AC blasting, sparing a passing thought for those who could not escape? Do you remember the relief that it was not you and your family? ...

shadowI am currently very interested in Owen Sound and immediate area, and I am very disappointed in the lack of communication and transparency shown by the city police and I also believe our elected officials.

Owen Sound is in a crisis with over doses and criminal activity and we the residents are being kept in a state of ignorance. ...

Council ChambersPlease attend a meeting to help Friends of Owen Sound select strong candidates for City Council who will run hard and effectively - and win - in the October 24 election.

Election Readiness Meeting
Wednesday, June 29 - 7:00 pm ...

airbnbsignDear Editor:

I would like to address comments by Ms Montgomery regarding Airbnb rentals.

She expresses concern that “These are people accessing a commercial income in residential areas.” She mentions “business” a number of times;


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