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moneyflyingDear Editor

Could some of this money be used for more affordable housing?  Or giving a hand up to families in the area?

With costs of housing and food and utilities going up, why are we accepting this complete waste of our money for decisions by Town of South Bruce Peninsula?

freshwaterThis Remembrance Day, I remember those who sacrificed, and were sacrificed for the security of Canada and the Commonwealth. This brings to mind Canada's present and future security.

We have been fortunate to live in the security shadow of the United States, and so have had little public concern of a foreign invasion of Canada. But climate change alters the status quo. ...

brokenglasspaneAs normal, the weekend has ended, and the workweek is upon us. Many of us, like in the movie: “Office Space”, may have the slight case of the “Mondays”. You know; the slow dragging yourself out of bed, tired, and wanting one more day at home… The Mondays… Well, our Monday at the Health Unit took a turn for the worse upon arrival. You see, instead of entering our place of work ...

Holland Marsh over BradfordTo politicians, planners, and business owners of the Holland Marsh,

Re: More onions added to the recall list

The recent safety recall of onions imported from Mexico sends up a red flag to those of us who thought we were consuming local produce.


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