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atlasformenDear Editor:

Received my Legion Magazine today. Secure in a plastic sleeve that also had a clothing catalogue atlasformen slipped in.

The items appear quite attractive and well made. But my family decided a couple of years ago, that wherever possible we would buy Canadian.

Not an easy task, but we have managed in most cases. I called the atlasformen phone given in the catalogue, and after some hesitation was advised that, yes ...

fordcabinetDemautocracy . Yes, this is the new word to describe how Doug Ford’s Conservative  Party works.  

 I have tried to raise my voice in denouncing the current government’s  moves to remove land from the Green Belt and to construct highway 413. To do this, I have tried to contact the various Ministers that  would have responsibility for the portfolios that these two actions  would effect. That would be the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and  Housing, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of the  Environment, Conservation and Parks and the Ministry of Agriculture,  Food and Rural Affairs. 

HDIC logoDear Editor

It has been just over a month, since Scotiabank Hockey Day In Canada took place in Owen Sound, yet people are still talking about the joy and excitement ...

symbol 2088734 640Having followed budget processes in West Grey over the last few years (and other jurisdictions before that) we are continually discouraged with West Grey Council, with some blame on senior staff.

A 9.6 per cent increase is almost beyond belief in these times of financial hardship and increasing interest rates. Last year was bad enough, having one of, if not the highest percentage increases in Grey County.

Is this year to be the same?


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