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modularCandidates for Council,

It was announced yesterday that the city of Charlottetown, PEI will house its homeless this winter in modular sleeping units. You can read a number of articles on this initiative aimed at providing the homeless with a warm bed during the winter months at this link. Click Here

From what I can gather from these articles, each module costs about $30,000 and houses 4 or 5 beds. I know that the majority council members believe ...

bandstandMayor Ian Boddy and Member of Owen Sound City Council

I attended last night’s meeting of Owen Sound City Council. City Manager Tim Simmonds was asked by Mayor Boddy to respond to a question from a member of the public – Francesca Dobbyn, Executive Director of United Way Bruce Grey, and a member of the Save the Bandstand group. Dobbyn had asked Council why the city had posted closed signs on the bandstand, which was being used by unhoused people as shelter.

mosaicDear Maryann,

I have just finished reading the magazine and want to sincerely complement you and the others for a really worthwhile contribution to Owen Sound life.

So much is going on here, and whether or not I am able to attend an event, there is something for everyone here.

airbnbWith the municipal election coming up in October, and a new awareness of how fragile our community is, I am scared.

I sat through a long Owen Sound Council meeting tonight. A detailed motion was brought forward by John Tamming to ban Short Term Rentals in Residential neighbourhoods because of the havoc they are causing. Note that "STR's" refers to houses that are owned by people from other cities, who do not live in these houses but just siphon off money and remove the homes from the housing market.


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