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Greenwood CemeteryDear Editor,

You would never think that the ugliest packed soil to be buried in Greenwood Cemetery, would be in their designated Natural Burial area. Actually, I think I would be hard pressed to find a more trampled and barren soil in ...

windowinbrickwallTo: Grey Bruce Public Health Unit (GBPHU) Chair Sue Paterson and Board Members

Subject: Board and Management Accountability and Transparency

In my 20 April letter to West Grey Council, as you know, I asked that they support ...

sand dunesRegarding "South Bruce Peninsula hoping for Grey Sauble's support when it reapplies for dune work", the GSCA Board Chair states:
“I think the board did an excellent job evaluating the ask for the permit ...

natrual gasOntarians deserve access to reliable and affordable heating. That is why two years ago, our government began expanding access to natural gas to areas that historically have not been able to connect to the distribution system.

Natural gas is Ontario's most common heating source ...


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