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groceriesTo our Valued Foodland Customer,

As an essential service in communities across Canada, our top priority is to keep our customers, and our teammates safe. Using Public Health Canada standards and recommendations, we have put in place extensive preventative measures, drawing from highly qualified industry health and safety resources to...

trailIt always bothers me when groups with broad delegated authority such as Saugeen Conservation identify a problem and then take the most drastic action possible without even trying to rectify the specific problem.

In this case the problem is apparently about a lack consideration by some people for the need of social distancing.. The solution they reached is . .

distanceGood Afternoon everyone!
I thought I would discuss social distancing today since with all the talk of people not practising social distancing I thought I would bring up the topic with the question "Is it common sense?"

Social distancing is. . .

grocery shoppingTo our Valued Foodland Customer,

All our hearts go out to those grieving or ill due to this terrible virus, and to those Canadians who have been laid off work or whose businesses have been forced...




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